We were at the Green Park for Winterfest weekend. What a blast! They even had a huge Ice Luge Bar set up on the Veranda. Then we did the charity Wine Auction. For Dinner, we did the Falcor Winemakers Dinner along with exceptional wines, paired with special food selections of the Chef. Simply incredible dinner and wine.
After enjoying a liesurely Sunday breakfast, that is cooked to order and complementary, we regretted to leave and will be back really soon.


I was the last Executive Chef before she closed, I miss that grandiose kitchen terribly. I am so happy to see Tommy E. still helping to take care of her and to see someone actually making the investment to make her beautiful again. Of all the places I have ever worked I will always remember the Green Park, and I can't wait to come back and visit to see her in all her glory!

Julie Aberanthy

I had a great visit at the Green Inn, the weekend my daugter graduated from ASU. I only stayed one night, but loved the renovations you have made. It felt like being at a friends house. Your staff was nice and accomidating of my 2 younger daughters. We missed haveing a dining room, and hope to be able to visit again after it is completed. I loved your tea room, but it needs to have more than just breakfast. At the Waldorf Astoria, in NYC, it was like your room, but it has a choice of hot tea, coffee and some sweets or cheese and crackers. I also visited a B and B in St Augstine FL, and they would feature a treat from the Chef with the recipe for the guest. I have so many ideas, I would love to share them with you. This Inn has so much potential. I see a lady's brunch on mothers day, I could go on and on. I hope to visit soon.
Julie Abernathy DTR CDM CFPP
Food Service Director
Program Cordinator
CPCC Charlotte
Dietary Managers Program

Stacey and Bill Frear

We satyed at the Inn this past weekend. It was so refreshing to stay somewhere everyone is friendly. The atmosphere was fantastic. Listening to the jazz band at night with other guests we so much fun. This was our 22 anniversary, we are looking forward to spending more anniversaries at the GreenPArk Inn.

Julie Pailthorpe

My husband and myself stayed at the hotel a couple of years ago and loved it. We were so disappointed that it had closed. My husband went to school and ASU and try to get back to the area for vacation. We can't wait for our next visit and hope to stay at the Green Park Inn.

christy berry

I am so glad its back open. I worked there while I went to ASU. And met my now husband there. Making plans to stay as a guest. So glad you saved this beautiful hotel.

Betsy Williams

How wonderful that the Green Park has reopened!!!!!!!! My PARENTS, from Richmond Virginia, honeymooned there (my mother would be 103 this July 4th, and my father 104 on the 3rd August) in 1931. I have gone by for years, but never went inside until the buliding was on the auction block. What an amazing treat that was!I was given several pieces of literature on the Inn by the company charged with its resale. How wonderful to have those as well. How pleased my parents would be to know the Inn's outcome. And also to know that since it straddles the Caldwell County line, that by chance my husband and I now live in Lenoir. When we passed it yesterday I said to him, "As impractical as it is (meaning paying to spend a night when we live only 18 miles away) I would like to spend a night there". I promise that we will do that!
Having lived in three Historic Districts, I know the value and costs of saving historic prperties. Once lost, they are irretrievable. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the firm for saving The Green Park. Far from crazy, it is invaluable, admirable, and ESSENTIAL. It is part of the very fabric of Blowing Rock and Caldwell County. Each of us is indebted to you for your foresight and investment in this historic landmark.
Betsy Williams (Mrs. Ray Williams)
Lenoir NC

Lona Currie

My wife and I were The Green Park Inn's last guests before it closed down. We stayed for about 2 days without any power, trying our best to help save her. It warms our hearts to see her back up and running again. It is very rare in these times to find a gem from the past and for us, the moment we walked through the doors of the hotel we knew that we were home. We lived and sometimes even worked at the Green Park for almost 6 months and it was truly some of the best times of our lives!We have many pictures of the building, its contents, furniture and staff. We made some really good friends there and some that were not so good, but thus is life. Unfortunately when the hotel closed down, our only choice was to move across the state with family, but we have not given up on moving back to the mountains. When we do, we hope to get the opportunity to visit our hotel in all her new glory! Good luck to all of you whom have worked and continue to work so hard to keep The Green Park Inn alive! Know that you are all in our hearts and prayers. Hope to see you soon! Lona and Jessie Currie

Candy Gryder

I worked there as a waitress and cleaned rooms for several years, beginning at the age of 14...that was 40 yrs ago...I have wonderful fond memories of the grand old inn.

S Lass

How it makes our heart joyful, when we ride by the GPI. So excited and thankful to see it alive with tourist and locals again! My husband and I have enjoyed many anniversarys there over our 23 years, and even the murder mystery weekends that once were held there. We love the charm and history that made it what it was, and now makes it what it is. Regular hotels/motels are everywhere. But here, you can escape the future and relive a historical past, that only a place like GPI can offer. We will most certainly stay again and again...and hope room 101 will be available for us, with little changes. Thank you... new owners, for the effort and care in restoring a true piece of history, as it is as beautiful to look at, as it is to stay there!!

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